School Programs - Officers in Schools

School Marshal Officers (SMO)  

As they listen to their teacher read aloud, work on a new math problem, or play outside, children aren’t thinking about how safe their school is. But, parents can be assured that teachers, as well as school staff and public safety personnel in Douglas County, have children’s safety at the forefront.

Starting with the 2013-14 school year, police officers now have a stronger presence at area schools through the new School Marshal Program.

Two Castle Rock officers patrol the Town’s preschools, elementary and some charter schools. The school district contributes a significant amount toward this program on an annual basis, which covers most of the annual costs to employ these officers. In addition to the Marshal Program, the school district is adding security features to school buildings. For safety reasons, those details are not public.

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Safety committee

The safety committee continues to meet regularly, keeping student safety on the top of everyone’s mind.

School Resource Officers (SRO)

Mission: Creating safer, more secure schools.

With the goals of safety in schools, three Castle Rock Police School Resource Officers are permanently assigned to patrol local schools. By proactively placing sworn law enforcement officers in educational environments, students and police build an atmosphere of trust and respect, resulting in long-term crime prevention. The growing national popularity of school resource programs results from an increased emphasis on community policing as a means to create safer, more secure schools.


SROs are not licensed counselors, but they do provide information on available support services in the school and community. The officers are not kindergarten cops, security guards, hall monitors or school saviors, but they provide a valuable presence, which helps encourage a positive learning environment in schools.

Increased safety measures in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy

The Douglas County School District leadership team met with local law enforcement partners to discuss the Sandy Hook Elementary incident. This meeting included the Castle Rock Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Lone Tree Police Department, and Parker Police Department.

Plans were developed to strengthen school safety through our partnerships with law enforcement and are posted on the district’s website.

Youth Education and Safety (YESS) 

YESS stands for Youth Education and Safety in Schools.YESS The program is designed to educate students in grades six, seven, and eight within the Douglas County school system about the wrongfulness of bullying, the need for cyber / Internet safety, and the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and Copyrightother drugs.

It is a multi-media experience for the students that allows for classroom interaction on these topics. Learn more about the  YESS school program.