Victims and Family Assistance

Victims Assistance Program

The main goal of the Victims Assistance Program is to touch peoples' lives in a respectful and sensitive way during a difficult time. We have a highly trained staff to add that "special care" and assist people in the Town of Castle Rock.

The Victims Assistance Program provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to people who have been victimized by crime, traumatic experiences or suffered the loss of a loved one.

Trained victim advocate volunteers

A group of trained volunteers helps hundreds of families and individuals every year by providing information, follow-up support and referrals, and by acting as a liaison between victims and the criminal justice system. More information is available under our volunteer page.


The Victims Assistance Program is partially funded by a grant awarded annually by the Victims Assistance Law Enforcement Board. The funds are generated from fines and penalties assessed on individuals who have been convicted or have pleaded guilty to certain crimes.

In memory of Abby Biggs

In April 2002, the family of Abby Biggs established a fund following the tragic loss of their daughter. Contributions go to the Castle Rock Police Department Victims' Assistance Fund.

This fund assists in paying for educational materials distributed to victims, witnesses and their families. The Biggs' thoughtfulness during their time of grief is a true act of giving.

The fund also helps defray the cost of teddy bears given to children in the community who have had crime affect their lives.

More information

For more information, email the Victims Assistance Unit or call 303-663-6110.