Police Records

Records Unit

The Records Unit maintains official reports of all incidents reported to Castle Rock Police and is staffed with a records supervisor, three records specialists and one digital media technician.

Police crime and traffic crash reports

Police Reports (also known as criminal justice records) and Traffic Crash reports may be obtained by completing the online request form or submitting a request in person by visiting the Police Department. Signatures are required on forms to be processed. When submitting a form, please include a copy of your government-issued ID. Forms can be emailed to the Records Unit or faxed to 303-663-6105. Forms can also be filled out in person at the Castle Rock Police Department. Please allow three business days for processing.

Please note: If the traffic crash occurred after Oct. 1, 2022, you may be able to obtain a copy instantly through CarFax. There are some exceptions to this and not all crash reports are readily available.

Background checks

Local background checks are available from the Records Unit and encompass the Town of Castle Rock only, which can be used for adoptions, military, VISA, or immigration purposes and can be certified upon request. Background check forms require a government-issued ID and can be filled out in person at the Castle Rock Police Department. Allow two business days for processing.

Please note: Background checks that cover the entire State of Colorado may be ordered online or in person through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations,
690 S Kipling St.
Number 3000
Lakewood, CO 80215


Fees associated with our most requested services:

Records request and crash reports$3 search fee; $1 per page for review and / or redaction
Printed photographs$3 search fee; $2 each photograph
Background checks
(Castle Rock residents only)
Media duplication$32.50 initial deposit (cover first hour);
$30 per additional hour for review and / or redaction