Victims Assistance Volunteers

Looking for a Way to Give Back

Have you found yourself looking for a rewarding way to give back to our community? Consider becoming a Victim Assistance Volunteer with the Castle Rock Police Department's Victims Assistance Unit. You could be the perfect fit!

Great listeners and compassionate neighbors are needed to lend emotional support and crisis intervention for victims of crimes and other tragic events. The volunteers provide victims with information on the criminal justice system and other helpful resources.

Victim Assistance Volunteers fill shifts during the weekend as well as weekday evening hours. Potential volunteers must go through an application process and more than 40 hours of training before being certified. Training classes for new volunteers will be announced with each application process.


The Castle Rock Police Department is not accepting applications for Victims Assistance Volunteers at this time. Please check back frequently for updates and follow us on social media for announcements about our next application process.


For specific questions about the program or application process, please contact Debbie Binks at 303-663-6110 or email Debbie Binks.

Job Description 

Below is more information about the Volunteer Victim Advocate position.

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  5. Essential job functions


Volunteer Victim Advocates will be trained to offer emotional support and crisis counseling to crime victims and victims of traumatic events in the Town of Castle Rock. They will also provide information on the criminal justice system, community resources, and aid in acquiring emergency shelter and facilitate other immediate needs. The volunteer victim advocate will provide assistance regarding information on victim compensation benefits and the preliminary status and progression of their case in the judicial system.