Partnering with the community

ConserveWhile Castle Rock Water is working diligently to secure more water for the community, one of the biggest ways to protect the Town's water future is to conserve the water we have. Overall, the community has embraced this call to action, and the goal of conservation has been a huge success.

Water efficiency has always been a part of the water use plan and the first water restrictions were put in place in the 1980s. However, in 2006, the Town's first Water Conservation Master Plan was adopted. That plan set a goal of 18% reduction in consumption. By 2007, Castle Rock Water customers had already achieved that goal and are now exceeding expectations. This plan, now known as the Water Efficiency Master Plan (PDF) is the working document that is updated periodically and approved by State conservation entities. This plan is a big piece in the Town's long-term water plan puzzle and will focus on whether there are ways we can do even better. Any additional conservation will only make the puzzle easier to put together and our long-term goal more achievable.


The Town's average per-resident daily consumption was 114 gallons in 2021. The average for the area, including the Denver metro area, is around 155 gallons per person, per day. The draft State Water Plan sets a goal for the Front Range of 129 gallons per person per day to be achieved by the year 2050. Looking at these comparisons, Castle Rock is clearly a leader in conservation and efficiency. In fact, the draft State Water Plan calls out Castle Rock specifically as an example of a community leading the way in conservation.

For more conservation tips and information, visit the Castle Rock Water conservation website.