Stormwater Facility Maintenance


Castle Rock property owners are responsible for the maintenance of stormwater management facilities on their property. According to the Town's operation and maintenance policy, the property owner or designee shall be responsible for the maintenance of all drainage facilities, including inlets, pipes, culverts, channels, ditches, hydraulic structures, and detention basins located on his or her land unless modified by a specific agreement.


Stormwater management facilities require routine maintenance and nonroutine restorative maintenance to function as designed. Routine maintenance of facilities may include removal of debris and sediment, trash rack clearing, mowing, noxious weed control, etc. Nonroutine restorative maintenance activities may include repairs to or replacement of structures, as well as other improvements necessary to retain the effectiveness of the system. Such tasks are necessary to preclude the facility from becoming unhealthy and to avoid reduced conveyance capability, unsightliness and malfunction.

Stormwater detention facilities are to be maintained to function in accordance with the Stormwater Management Facility Operation and Maintenance Standard Guidelines (PDF).


To obtain a copy of the record drawings for stormwater management facilities, complete a records request. Please indicate on your request the property description and the location of your facility / facilities.


In accordance with the drainage easement recorded for your property, the Town has the right to access the easement for inspection purposes to ensure stormwater management facilities are functioning in accordance with Town criteria. In the event that facilities are found to be in noncompliance, the property owner will be notified. Note, if the property owner fails to maintain a facility, the Town has the right to complete maintenance and charge the owner at 1.25 times the cost of maintenance.