Teen Court

Offering an alternative for teens

Teen Court is a community-based, juvenile intervention/prevention program that offers an alternative to the juvenile justice system.

This diversion-like program only accepts juvenile offenders with first-time, nonviolent, misdemeanor charges. These offenders are seen by trained youth volunteers who determine the appropriate sanctions for the offender.

An image of a gavel with the text Teen Court. Justice for teens by teens.

Teen Court is based upon restorative justice principles and seeks to ensure that the harm caused by each juvenile offender is repaired. Our volunteer panelists accomplish this through holding each participant accountable for their actions, ensuring the safety of the community, and fostering the respondent's skill development in order to prevent any future violations.

Teen Court is also a great opportunity for youth in the community to get involved in criminal justice, serving their peers, and growing in their communication, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

For more information about Teen Court, email Court Administrator Karla McCrimmon or call 303-663-6128.

Castle Rock Teen Court is a member of the Colorado Teen Court Association