Water Treatment Process

Plum Creek Water Purification Plant

PCWPF_BeautyShotIn a growing community, Castle Rock's water source must evolve with the changing needs. In the past, we have received most of our water from wells pulling from an underground aquifer. Today, we are implementing a variety of more sustainable, renewable surface water sources, including alluvial well water from East Plum Creek, importing water from northern sources, and our most valuable water source, reuse water. These sources necessitate different considerations for water treatment.

Our flagship, the Plum Creek Water Purification Facility, was built in 2013, giving the Town flexibility in choosing and treating a variety of water sources. PCWPF can currently yield about 6 million gallons of potable water per day and is the primary treatment facility for Castle Rock. Additionally, for high-demand periods such as irrigation season, as well as accommodating for maintenance and emergencies, the Town will utilize three other treatment plants. With Founders, Meadows and Ray Waterman treatment plants online, another 12 million gallons of water can be treated daily.

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Drinking water treatment

Water treatment is designed to remove a variety of particles or constituents for health and aesthetic purposes. During the steps, constituents such as suspended solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, and elements like pharmaceuticals and personal care products are addressed. At PCWPF, our primary drinking water purification plant, we provide a multi-barrier approach so that in the event one process falters or is taken offline for maintenance, the plant will still produce the same water quality at the end of the line.

Water purity is tested many times throughout the treatment process and Castle Rock Water consistently meets or surpasses water quality testing parameters. The water purification process is completely automated but monitored continually and adjusted, as necessary, by professional water operators.

Another way Castle Rock Water ensures safe, reliable and great tasting water is through the rigorous state and national certification for plant operators. Watch this Professional Operator Association video highlighting Plum Creek Water Purification Facility and our plant operators.

The treatment train

PCWPF Treatment Train with advanced treatment