Constructing the future

Roadway projects are in progress in Town at all times. Whether in design, construction, or cleanup phases, the Town is always improving its roadways to help accommodate growth and for safer travel.

At the beginning of each year, the Public Works Department budgets for Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) - major construction projects funded through transportation fund and tax revenues.

In addition to capital improvement projects, the Town has a Pavement Maintenance Program through which road work is completed each year based on budgeting through federal funds and Town tax revenues. These projects improve the driving condition of roads.

Elevating value

Community value elements graphic. Values include low environmental impacts, high safety, reliability, low lifecycle cost and low downtime.

The Town of Castle Rock Public Works Department is guided by its vision of elevating value. Through the responsible management of transportation infrastructure assets, we maximize value for the community using available resources. When we elevate value to create safe, reliable and environmentally friendly infrastructure that minimizes downtime to your normal activities at the lowest total cost possible, we ensure our residents continue to experience Castle Rock as an exceptional place to live, work and call home.