Transportation Master Plan

Council visualizes future of transportation, approves master plan

Your Town thinks ahead. When it comes to transportation, our plan for the future is visualized in the Transportation Master Plan.

Think beyond roads. This document outlines plans for all aspects of our transportation system over the next two decades - including bicycle routes, pedestrian links, road construction projects and more.

View the Transportation Master Plan (PDF).


Community feedback

In 2016, the Town gathered feedback regarding our transportation system. That feedback - along with research and analysis - led to a proposed list of roadway, pedestrian and bicycle projects along with ideas for managing demand on the road for the next five, 10 and 20 years.

Capital Improvement Program

Learn more and view the Capital Improvement Program (PDF) to see what the Town has planned over the next five years.

Transit Feasibility Study

In 2005, Castle Rock voters opted out of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) and related taxes. Moving forward the Town will continue to discuss transit as we look ahead to 2050. This includes regional discussions with surrounding cities, Douglas County and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

A study to assess feasible transit options for the Town was conducted in 2020. The objective of the study was to develop scalable transit options that are practical should the Town consider implementing transit in the near and/or distant future. Many service models were evaluated as part of the study. The preferred service models and recommendations can be viewed in the transit feasibility study and appendices.

View the results of the study:

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