Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

Improving quality of life

In response to concerns about vehicle speeds and volumes on residential streets, the Town of Castle Rock has developed a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program.


The program's mission is to provide a consistent, feasible and manageable procedure for addressing neighborhood traffic concerns on residential streets where documented speeding problems or other traffic factors exist that may adversely affect the overall residential quality of life.


The objectives of the Traffic Calming Program are to:

  • Provide for a "neighborhood-driven" process to address concerns about traffic volumes and speeds on residential streets.
  • Improve neighborhood livability by reducing the impact of vehicular traffic on residential streets.
  • Encourage appropriate driver behavior and reduce the number of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit on neighborhood streets


Town Council adopted the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (PDF) in 2007. The policy was updated on April 4, 2023.

Current projects

More information

For more information, call 720-733-2483, or read the program brochure (PDF).