Strategic Documents

CFAI Since 2012Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department is one of about 290 internationally accredited agencies through the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.

CRFD is committed to a continuous improvement process that encompasses a comprehensive self-assessment and evaluation model that examines past, current and future levels of service and performance, then compares them to industry best practices.

Each year, CRFD reviews and reports on its performance against established baselines (what we say we are capable of) and benchmarks (a measured improvement in performance, or goal), as well as its progress toward strategic goals.

Self-evaluation documents

International accreditation through the Commission on Fire Accreditation International requires comprehensive self-evaluation of a fire and emergency service agency at every level.

At the center of the accreditation model is a continuous improvement philosophy that drives the Fire Department to 1) examine every part of its service delivery and 2) strive to improve, using industry best practices as a goal.

Strategic plan

The strategic plan is a five-year plan, developed with community input regarding service priorities, expectations and concerns for the department.

The department convened a small strategic planning team to establish goals and objectives for the next five years, to ensure that CRFD can strive to achieve its vision, "Be the Best - at providing emergency and prevention services," and meet its mission of "High Customer Satisfaction - through quality preparation and excellent service." The Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated at CRFD's annual department retreat.

View the 2020 to 2024 Strategic Plan (PDF).

Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover

The Community Risk Assessment and Standards of Cover is a cornerstone document in the international accreditation model that describes and defines a community-based risk assessment and documents historical performance based on call type risk and population. This includes a general overview of Castle Rock Fire and Rescue including the community served, department history, service milestones, topography, disaster potential and more. The standards are reviewed, updated and presented to Town Council annually.

View the Risk Assessment (PDF)

The Standards of Cover is a very large document to download. View it online, or stop by Fire Headquarters, 300 N. Perry S.t, to see a hard copy.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan provides a scientifically based analysis of wildfire-related hazards and risks in the Town's Wildland-Urban Interface area. It is the result of an area-wide fire protection-planning effort that included extensive field data, a compilation of existing documents and a scientific analysis of fire behavior potential.

This plan provides mitigation tactics designed to protect values including life safety, homes and other property, infrastructure, recreation, lifestyle, and local economic and environmental resources. Recommendations for mitigation address five broad categories:

  1. Public education
  2. Structural ignitability/the home ignition zone
  3. Water supply
  4. Access/evacuation
  5. Fuels management

Town officials are committed to working closely with residents to identify and support risk-reduction activities, protecting life and property and enhancing life safety in Castle Rock. View the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (PDF).

Self-assessment manual

The self-assessment manual is an extensive review of all department functions. The manual covers 10 categories and 280 performance criteria. These categories range from how the department is legally founded, to how it provides each of its program services, to details such as maintaining an adequate administrative support structure.

View the 2017 Self-Assessment Manual (PDF).

Levels of service analysis

CRFD spent more than two years researching, compiling and writing the necessary documents in preparation for its initial accreditation, granted in August 2012. As a result of the accreditation team's efforts, the department identified gaps in service and projected future service needs to address community growth.

  • Implemented a third full-time medic unit to serve Founders Village
  • Identified the need for a fire station in Crystal Valley
  • Updated the internal standards for the number and type of units responding to a given incident
  • Continued work with the Douglas County Regional Communications Center to implement an upgraded computer-aided dispatch system, allowing for a more dynamic fire-dispatching process

Master plan

The master plan is a five-year plan that addresses the department's capabilities based on the current deployment model. The master plan identifies characteristics that directly influence the department's ability to maintain appropriate levels of service. The plan is based on a series of "if-then" statements measured against operational, administrative, and performance measurements to forecast when and where additional resources will be needed to maintain adopted levels of service. The plan includes several recommendations to close existing performance and personnel gaps as well as identifying trigger points for future needs.

View the 2021 Fire Master Plan (PDF).