Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Chemical Reporting

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Reporting Requirements

As required by the International Fire Code (IFC) adopted by the Town of Castle Rock, all businesses within the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department jurisdiction shall report their chemicals (HAZMAT) on the Douglas County Hazardous Materials website.

These actions will ensure you are in compliance with the reporting requirements outlined in the IFC. These mandatory reporting requirements are needed for emergency planning and preparedness, community right to know reporting, and to assist the firefighters when responding to emergencies at your facility.

Reporting HAZMAT Chemical Information Online

If you have reported in the past you can simply access the Douglas County HAZMAT website, login and update the previous information. If you need assistance with this process or are have lost your user name and/or password please contact the Life Safety Division via email, provide the business name, address and contact person, and we will respond to your request for updating the necessary information to access your business records.

If you are starting a new report you can go directly to the website above and create an account and enter the appropriate information. Please see the HAZMAT Reporting Information (PDF) provided by the fire department.

Once the reporting has been completed and submitted, the County system will send the fire department an automated email making us aware that the reporting has been completed and is ready for our review.

To view the website and instructions, visit Douglas County: Hazardous Materials.

Documents Required at the Business

It should be noted the business must maintain copies of safety data sheets (SDS) (formally referred to as MSDS), a site map indicating the general chemical locations, and copies of employee training records. This information must be accessible to employees and emergency responders upon request. It is also suggested the data be placed into a notebook, labeled as "Safety Data Sheets" and placed near the main entrance to the business.

More Information

Contact the Life Safety Division of the Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department, 303-660-1066, or email us.