Car Seat Safety

Keeping Children Safe in the Car

Did you know that nationwide, 73% of all child restraints are improperly used or installed?

The Castle Rock Fire and Rescue Department has an ongoing car seat education program.

This is an education program, not an installation service.

  • This program is available at all five fire stations, seven days a week, from 8 am to 7 pm. Please keep in mind that if there is an emergency or the technicians are unavailable, you may have to go to another station or revisit at another day and time.
  • We encourage caregivers to install the car seat to the best of their ability according to the car seat manual and vehicle manual prior to the inspection.
  • Please bring the following with you to your inspection:
    • Car seat installed in vehicle to the best of your ability
    • Car seat manual
    • Vehicle manual
    • Current weight and height of child

Our certified car seat technicians will help you learn about your car seat and guide you through the process of installing your car seat correctly. Be prepared to learn, our certified car seat technicians are trained to teach you.

Education-Based Inspection Program

The education-based inspection program is designed to:

  • Ensure every child is properly restrained and that the car seat is appropriate for the child with regard to height, weight and age.
  • Ensure each car seat is properly installed.
  • Educate the public on safely transporting their most important packages, their children.


For questions regarding the car seat inspection program call 303-660-1066 or email the fire educators team.