Southern view of Castle Rock's Town Hall on a sunny and cloudless day.The Building Division is responsible for enforcing building, fire, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical codes in a professional and unbiased manner. Our goal is to provide quality customer service through the permitting and inspection process. The division is charged with protecting the community during development and providing a safe and enjoyable living environment in the Town of Castle Rock.

The Development Services Building Counter, located at Town Hall, is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Development Services works with residents and contractors on all building permit activity. Choose a tab below to learn more.

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Why we have building codes

Codes are sometimes viewed as all the things you can't do; however, the purpose of our adopted building and fire codes is to set minimum safety standards for construction, promote quality of life and ensure the safety of Castle Rock residents. Not only do building codes provide a standard benchmark that contractors must meet, they establish building safety and energy performance for years to come. However, building code does not regulate the aesthetics of buildings, or other HOA requirements.

The permitting process allows us to be sure that construction in Castle Rock meets the minimum standards set by building and fire code through a plan review and inspection process. If you have questions about how this process will affect your project, please email the Development Services Building Counter or call us at 720-733-3527.

Next steps for your project: 

  • Obtain a homeowner permit
  • Hire a registered contractor
  • Complete inspections

Homeowners webpage

Visit our new homeowners webpage to get information on a variety of topics from home building projects to maintaining your residential property.

Building permit applications

Visit building permits for homeowners to learn about the permit process, why they are required and how to obtain one.

Hiring a contractor

Visit hiring a contractor to learn about your responsibilities when hiring construction help.

Fee schedule

Visit the Fee schedule page to learn more about the Development Services Fee Schedule, valuation data, development impact, system development fees and use tax.