Castle Rock is a world-class community that embraces its history and heritage, and works to preserve and enhance the character of the Town through land planning efforts.

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Most projects in Castle Rock require a planning process before building permits can be issued. This process can include all or part of the following steps: annexation, planned development plans/zoning, site development plans and/or amendment plans for review. Some projects require "use by special review" approval.

Whether you are planning new commercial construction or a new residential development, the Planning Division is here to help you understand and navigate the process.

This page will help you find information about the processes and documents that shape development in the Town. Feel free to email the Planning Division if you have additional questions.

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Most development projects must go through the Town's planning process. This includes required pre-application meetings and a series of neighborhood meetings and public hearings. Visit the tabs below to learn more about the process:

A pre-application meeting is the first step in the development review process and is required before submitting a development application. This service, provided by Development Services at no charge, gives the applicant an opportunity to present conceptual information to Town staff and to receive feedback on the required development process as well as the project's feasibility.

To schedule a pre-application meeting, download the pre-application and instructions (PDF) and submit your request via email. Once your application is reviewed by the Technical Review Committee (TRC), a meeting will be scheduled to discuss required processes and development plan submittal requirements. These meetings are held on Tuesdays. The Technical Review Committee is made up of representatives from Public Works, Castle Rock Water, Castle Rock Fire Department and Parks and Recreation, as well as planners and project coordinators within Development Services.

Required materials:

  • Fully-completed application
  • Project narrative
  • Conceptual site plan
  • Your list of questions/concerns

Review current and recently completed development projects in Castle Rock. The Development Activity Map provides detailed information on each project, including supporting documents submitted by the applicants for Town review.

The Development Services Fee Schedule provides information include land use application fees, as well as building valuation data, development impact, system development fees and use tax.

The Development Procedures Manual outlines the steps and processes to be followed at each stage of the development process including planning, plan review and permitting.

The 2030 Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan are excellent resources to help you prepare and plan for your future project. The Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF) defines the Town's broad and long-term direction - guiding its growth, development and planning efforts.

The Vision outlines the building blocks of the community through our Four Cornerstones:

  1. Distinct Town Identity
  2. Responsible Growth
  3. Community Services
  4. Thriving Economy

Visit Code Central to learn more about our guiding documents including the Town Charter, Municipal Code, Infrastructure Design Code and more.