Zoning Division

View of Perry Street on a sunny fall day. The iconic Castle Responsibilities

The Zoning Division is responsible for:

  • Responding to zoning code compliance complaints and zoning inquiry requests
  • Processing building permits for zoning compliance
  • Reviewing business licenses for zoning compliance
  • Providing sign code criteria
  • Overseeing the Board of Adjustment
  • Providing the public with information regarding municipal zoning ordinances

The intent of permitting accessory dwelling units is to provide alternative housing options that make efficient use of existing housing stock and infrastructure, flexible use of space for property owners, and a mix of housing types that respond to changing family dynamics.

Codes promote quality of life and ensure safety to our community. They help protect property values by ensuring that planned development meets the Town's zoning and land-use regulations.

Visit our Code Compliance page to learn more.

Find answers to frequently asked zoning questions.

Visit our Clean-up Resources page for a list of contacts to help keep your property clutter-free.

The purpose of an overlay district is to establish architectural, landscaping, design, building, use, and site development regulations that encourage compatible land uses. The zoning ensures standards in high quality development and function. It protects property values and provides safe and efficient pedestrian and automobile access.

The criteria encourages quality development through a variety of design and site techniques, while continuing to provide for a wide range of economic development opportunities. The Design Review Board reviews projects in all overlay districts.

Current overlay districts are located in:

A zoning variance provides a property owner with the legal permission to build structures or use land in ways that are contrary to existing zoning regulations.

The Board of Adjustment is responsible for hearing requests for variances from the strict enforcement of the zoning ordinance regulations. The Board of Adjustment will also hear appeals from a decision or determination made by the Zoning Manager.

A reasonable accommodation variance is reviewed as an administrative determination by the Director of Development Services.

Find more information about the application process on our Variances page.

Need more information?

For more information, email the Zoning Division or call 720-733-2212 or 720-733-3557.