Contractor registration

Why registration is required

Town Council has determined that unregistered and unlicensed contractors may adversely affect public safety and property values by not adhering to adopted Municipal Codes and International Building Codes. Other reasons why registration is required include:

  • Protecting residents and businesses by ensuring qualified contractors are responsible for quality workmanship constructed on their buildings
  • Protecting contractors by requiring them to carry liability insurance
  • Protecting employees by requiring contractors to carry workers' compensation insurance

Procedure for Contemporaneous Reviews of Electrical and plumbing Licenses


It is unlawful to perform any work or services in the construction, erection, addition, alteration, repair, equipping, moving, removal, conversion or demolition of any building or structure governed by Title 15.03.10 in this Town unless such contractor shall have first applied for, paid the required fee and registered with the Town.

For complete contractor registration information, including definitions of classification types, restrictions and exceptions, please review Tile 15.03.10 9 (Code Central) of the Town of Castle Rock.

Contractor registration and renewal submissions

You may register or renew contractor registrations by submitting all of the following items:

  • A completed contractor registration / renewal form
  • A contractor license from any municipality that requires a test comparable to the International Code Council competency program for contractors for this type of license
  • A certificate of liability insurance and/or workers' compensation certificate with the Town of Castle Rock named as an additional certificate holder
  • All registration fees

Other submittal options

As an alternate to eTRAKiT, the above information may be sent to us by: