Development Activity

Keeping the community informed

This page is designed to keep the Castle Rock community informed about development activity.

Most of today's development activity was made way for decades ago, when former Town leaders determined how various areas of Town would be zoned. Several areas of Town have not been fully built out, and their owners remain legally entitled to develop their land according to the previously approved zoning. For the most current information on development activity, check out the most recent newsletters and reports below.

Development projects information

The Development Activity Map is designed to show the community where the development is happening and to provide the most up-to-date information regarding projects. Additionally, selected projects have dedicated pages, available as links from this page.

The pace of development within Castle Rock has generally corresponded with economic cycles, as revealed in the charts on this page. Over the past 22 years, an average of about 850 single-family homes and 160 multifamily units have been constructed each year within the Town. Over the past seven years, an average of about 325,000 square feet of nonresidential space has been constructed annually.

  1. Single Family
  2. Multifamily
  3. Nonresidential

Public notices

Information regarding upcoming public hearings and neighborhood meetings is on the Public Notice of Public Hearings page and the Public Notices Calendar. The public is invited to attend public and neighborhood meetings to learn more about proposed projects and provide feedback.


To help further inform the public, Development Services presently publishes two electronic newsletters: 

  1. Development Highlights, which includes high-level details about projects within the Town, and 
  2. A monthly report, that spotlights the Development Services staff, board and commission activity, department performance metrics and more

An email subscription is available to Development Highlights - sign up online.

Development Highlights newsletter 

January 2024
December 2023
November 2023

Development Services monthly report

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GIS interactive maps

Additional information on Town zoning, community development, skyline and ridgeline restricted areas, subdivisions, historic preservation areas, and Preble's meadow jumping mouse habitat is available on our GIS interactive maps.

More information

For more information, please email Planning, or call 303-660-1393.