Promenade at Castle Rock

Project at the Promenade

The Town of Castle Rock knows it's important for residents to have access to a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment within the Town. You may have heard your friends and neighbors talking about the new master-planned Promenade at Castle Rock, located on the north end of Town, between Interstate 15 and U.S. Highway 85. Perhaps you have already visited some of the businesses that have opened at the Promenade.

The project is being developed by the Colorado-based Alberta Development Partners, LLC, a real estate, development and investment firm. Alberta determines, based on the market, which stores will be located in the Promenade. A strong market mix is anticipated to bring new goods and services to the Town. Shops and restaurants already open for business are listed below.

For updates on new businesses coming to the Promenade, visit Alberta's ShopPromenadeCastleRock website.

What's Coming?

  1. Alberta Development Partners will announce the new retailers, restaurants and services at the Promenade at Castle Rock. Visit their website

    Promenade at Castle Rock Brochure (PDF)

    Promenade at Castle Rock Site Map (PDF)

Outlets at Castle Rock Promenade Site Map


The project has the potential to bring 900,000 square-feet of commercial space and 320 multi-family units on approximately 166 acres. The project broke ground in November 2014.  

Documents and more information

At each stage of a project, the developer is required to provide numerous documents, plans and studies, many of which are detailed below. Please note that some of these will be large and may take a few moments to download.  If you would like a hard copy of any of these documents, please contact Development Services at 303-660-1393, or by email.

Overview documents

Zoning documents

  • PD Plan – The zoning map designates different planning areas for open space, commercial and multi-family residential
  • PD Zoning Regulations – Describes development standards and provides the types of allowed uses in the commercial, multi-family and open space areas
  • Architectural Design Guidelines and Standards – Describes the anticipated design for the site layouts and buildings
  • Master Sign Criteria – Shows the elevations, dimensions and locations of the monument and directional signs
  • Tenant Sign Criteria – Provides detailed design guidelines for tenants within the Promenade

Support studies