Interchange Overlay Districts

Zoning options  

In 2008, Town Council amended the Town’s 2020 Comprehensive Master Plan to include the concept of interchange overlay districts. In order to implement that concept, the development community and Town staff worked together to develop the interchange overlay district ordinance and its accompanying development standards.

Community benefits

These standards were envisioned to allow more compact, transit-oriented development surrounding the Interstate 25 interchanges. This concept allows the Town to take advantage of the approximately 70,000 cars that travel on I-25 daily. These development opportunities assist the community in growing its economic base to support the quality of life its residents enjoy.

Key elements

Some key elements in the Interchange overlay zoning and standards that assist in the implementation of the 2020 Comprehensive Master Plan objectives are: 

  • Reduced parking requirements
  • Improved pedestrian connectivity
  • Increased compact residential options
  • The potential to integrate housing in close proximity to employment and services (traditional neighborhood development)
  • Improved economic opportunities

Resources and information

More information

For more information, email the Zoning Division or call 720-733-3511