Historic Preservation Plan

A policy guide

Town Council unanimously approved and adopted the Historic Preservation Plan in June 2007. The goals and policies contained within this plan expand upon the goals and policies set forth within the Vision 2020 Statement (PDF) and the 2020 Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF). The Historic Preservation Plan is intended to serve as a policy guide for all other Townwide plans and decisions as they relate to identified historic resources.

This plan would not have become a reality without the dedication of more than 80 individuals with diverse interests who committed their time and efforts. Members of the Historic Preservation Board, the Downtown Development Authority and the Planning Commission provided important input and guidance during the development phases.

View the Historic Preservation Plan (PDF). Copies of the plan also are available through the Development Services Department:
Town Hall
100 N Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO

Please note that the Comprehensive Master Plan and Historic Preservation Plan are large documents and may take a few minutes to open.

Additional information

View Castle Rock's architectural trends by decade (PDF). This document traces Castle Rock's typical building architecture from the 1870s to present. It contains many pictures and is about 7 MB.