Town Council

The Town's governing body is the Town Council, made up of seven members including the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. Each Councilmember is elected to represent an election district, and the Mayor is elected to represent the Town at large.

Once elected, each Councilmember takes an oath of office. It’s an official statement of a commitment they made when they started their journey to Election Day. It’s a commitment to public service at the local level – listening to residents and business owners and studying research so they can make big decisions that impact a community they care deeply about. Since the first Council was elected more than a century ago, there have certainly been differing opinions. What remains true among all those who have served in this role is their desire to serve this Town in a way that makes the community proud.

Take a brief trip down memory lane and meet some of those who have served as your Town Council with this photo album. We have photos going back about three decades.

Connect with Council Meetings

Regular meetings

Regular meetings are scheduled on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The public is encouraged and welcome to attend.

  • Meetings start at 6 p.m.
  • Town Council meetings are being held in both an in-person and electronic format. Please see the current agenda for more information on watching or participating during an upcoming Town Council Meeting. Council is also accepting public comments submitted in writing online, submit your comments

Special meetings

Special meetings are called by motion at regular Council meetings, to be scheduled for a subsequent date, to conduct business or address special issues. These meetings are announced and publicized on this website.


  • Adopts ordinances that become local law through the Municipal Code
  • Adopts resolutions confirming consensus on matters of public policy or for internal and administrative purposes
  • Approves the budget, budget appropriations, the balanced financial plan and strategic priorities 
  • Approves major contracts and agreements above the $250,000 threshold
  • Approves land-use decisions including annexations, zoning, vesting and subdivision and development agreements
  • Approves ballot questions and issues
  • Approves the Town's Comprehensive and Master Plans
  • Appoints the Town Manager, Town Attorney and the Municipal Judge