Human Resources

The Town of Castle Rock is a great place to work because of our people, our teamwork, and our values. The Human Resources Department strives to model behavior and build programs that support the Town's core values and to encourage employees to perform in a manner consistent with those values.


The Human Resources Department:

  • Oversees recruitment and retention of qualified employees
  • Coordinates training opportunities
  • Maintains the compensation and benefits plans
  • Manages the performance evaluation and employee recognition process for all full and part-time employees
  • Serves as an internal consulting resource, providing innovative programs and fostering positive work relationships in an environment of credibility and trust

Town Vision, Mission and Values


"Achieving the community vision through excellence, dedication and service."


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In spring 2001, Town employees developed a set of core values that we are committed to live by as an organization. Employee performance and recognition is based on how employees demonstrate and uphold these values

Clear, direct, honest communication is the essential vehicle by which the following values are demonstrated:

  • We are accountable for behaviors, work products, successes, and failures.
  • We are committed to integrity, honesty, and the highest standard of conduct and professionalism.
  • We are adaptable and open to change.
  • We work as a team toward common goals with a spirit of cooperation.
  • We respect others. We listen to ideas and are considerate of time and priorities.
  • We encourage creativity and innovation.
  • We recognize and celebrate accomplishments.
  • We support balance between our professional and personal lives.
  • We practice responsible care for our resources, assets, and environment.
  • We provide exceptional public service to internal and external customers.