Hosting an Event

A group of runners on the street in a raceThe Town of Castle Rock is proud to host hundreds of events each year, from sporting events and live music concerts, to festivals, races and parades. The Special Events Division was created to guide you through the Town's permitting processes.

if you are looking to host an event in Castle Rock, the Special Events Division is responsible for ensuring your event is safe and compliant. We are here to help you through all the steps in planning a successful event.

Planning a special event in Castle Rock?

Special Events Planning Guide

Castle Rock Town Code, the Town of Castle Rock’s Events Policy and other policies govern the administration of special events within Castle Rock.

The Special Event Planning Guide was created to take that information and provide it in an easy-to-use format for event organizers. It will direct you through the Special Event Permit process and provide you with requirements associated with special event management.

As you read through the Planning Guide and complete the Special Event Permit Application, please be aware that these documents have been developed to address a wide span of event types and elements. You need only provide information regarding the elements of event planning that relate to your particular special event.  

Permit application 

Events or organized activities for 50 or more people that:

  • involve utilize Town property, parks, trails, and/or street closures
  • include event components requiring the coordination of a number of Town departments and other agencies
  • include the sale or use of alcohol, on-site cooking, food sales, or large-scale temporary structures

Applications will be reviewed through the Town-wide Special Event Permit Process. Examples include festivals, parades, runs / walks, farmer's markets and other planned group activities.

We are currently accepting Special Event Applications. Please allow at least 10 business days for your event request to be processed.

Note: If your event involves alcohol, you must submit additional forms and information to the Town Clerk's Office at least 30 days prior to your event.


For further information or any questions, please email us.

Community resources

The Events Office strives to improve communication about special events in Castle Rock and their impacts on the community. We have initiated the following communication mechanisms for the benefit of residents and event organizers:

Online calendar: View up-to-date information about all events within the Town that are regulated by the Events Office. When possible, it will also include road closure details and contact information for specific event organizers.