About Castle Rock neighborhoods

Our Town is perfectly situated, with quick access to both the calm of open spaces and the buzz of the big city, including its employment opportunities.

Just as good are the recreational opportunities. The Town boasts 50 well-planned parks, more than 87 miles of trails and over 6,000 acres of open space - so there's a good chance there will be somewhere to escape to close by, no matter where you decide to make your home.

We've got plenty of options for you to do just that - from 100-plus-year-old homes in the Town's center, to the new construction offered in myriad styles and locations. And, all the Town's neighborhoods are just a short car ride away from the historic Downtown, where street festivals and unique shops and restaurants are as common as smiles from neighbors.

The Town has mapped more than 150 neighborhoods on an interactive Castle Rock Neighborhoods Map. Find neighborhood-specific information, including boundaries, contact information and links to association / property management information. Search the map by address, neighborhood name or by clicking on an area of interest.

For information on properties offering affordable units, visit the Douglas County Housing Partnership's website.

Metropolitan districts

Metropolitan districts are taxing entities, separate from the Town of Castle Rock. They are primarily formed by developers to fund infrastructure and public improvements that benefit property owners in that district. Funds are expended and then property taxes are assessed on the owners within that district to pay down that debt.

Tax information

Numerous metro districts exist in Castle Rock. View a document that compares what residents in Castle Rock's various metro districts pay annually in property tax. Annual reports Each metro district must file an annual report summarizing the progress on implementing its service plan. This report must also include information on expenditures, capital improvements, debt, etc. Metro district board members and their contact information are listed in the annual reports. Property owners can access the most recent reports via our Metro District Map. Public notice of meetings Metro district boards hold meetings throughout the year.

Property tax calculator

The Town is a full-service municipality, providing general government, fire, police, parks, recreation, open space, planning and code enforcement services through taxation. The owner of a home valued at $449,948 only pays the Town about $38 a year in property tax in exchange for all of those services. (The lion's share of a resident's property tax payment goes to the Douglas County School District. Property taxes make up less than 1% of total Town revenues.)

It is important for you to know how the Town prioritizes and spends your property tax dollars. Simply enter your address, and details of how your property taxes are allocated will appear. Search for your address