Your Tax Dollars at Work

Funding public services

When you see an officer performing a traffic stop, a street sweeper cleaning the road, or a firefighter extinguishing a blaze, that's your tax dollars at work.

When a broken swing at your neighborhood park is repaired, or the snow is cleared from your road; when trails are maintained and the Recreation Center and MAC are sparkling clean – that's your tax dollars at work.

Property tax and sales tax revenue work together to fund the services that make Castle Rock special.

Shopping locally helps fund key services

The majority of the funding for core Town services comes from sales tax. That's why it's so important to shop locally.

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What does an average property owner in Castle Rock actually pay to the Town?

For all of the Town services provided, it might be surprising to know the average Castle Rock homeowner pays only $35.53 in annual property tax to the Town. What a deal.

So, where do the rest of your local tax dollars go? Search for your property's specific breakdown.

Metropolitan district tax information

A metropolitan district is a taxing entity, separate from the Town of Castle Rock, that exists primarily to finance public improvements that benefit property owners in the district. Numerous metro districts exist in Castle Rock. View a document (PDF) that compares what residents in Castle Rock's various metro districts pay annually in property tax.

View more information on metro districts.