Facilities and Venue Rentals

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Castle Rock is known for its small-town charm, family-friendly community events and commitment to health and wellness. With these priorities in mind, the Parks and Recreation Department proudly manages a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities that hold opportunities for residents and visitors alike to exercise, get out in nature, and celebrate life’s moments with friends and family. Some of these facilities are available for rental to individuals or outside groups for special events, meetings, races, weddings, concerts and other gatherings.

Indoor Facilities

Outdoor Facilities

Special Events and Venue Rentals

Outdoor Field and Facility Rentals

The Parks and Recreation Department has more than 15 outdoor facilities - including fields, tennis courts, incline courts and trails - that are available for rental. In many cases, pricing varies based on days of the week, times, location and frequency of use.

FacilityContactMore information
Inline courtsathleticfields@crgov.com
Metzler Ranch Park
Outdoor fieldsathleticfields@crgov.com

Tennis courts
$15 per hour per court
Castle Rock Tennis
Check availability
Event fee information