Open Space and Trails

Well-planned trails, abundant open space and beautiful parks are a few of the things that make Castle Rock a great place to call home. The Parks, Open Space and Trails Division prioritizes keeping the great outdoors accessible, while preserving Castle Rock's rich heritage of outdoor recreation and trail use.



The Town of Castle Rock embraces conservation throughout parks, open space and trails. Currently, roughly 30% of the Town is designated open space. The Town demonstrates a commitment to appropriate land use planning and resource conservation through various programming, projects and outings. Visit the Environmental Education page or Animals Around the Rock page for information on upcoming programs.

  1. Beaver Paint
  2. Preble's Habitat Conservation

In response to ongoing flooding and maintenance issues on East Plum Creek and Sellars Gulch trails, Town staff applies a mix of sand and paint to healthy native trees as protection from girdling and felling by active beavers in the area. The sand-paint mix has proved effective as an inexpensive protection measure against beaver activity. Volunteers do not paint trees that are unhealthy, such as having lighting strikes or multi-trunked, in order to leave some as food and building materials for the native beavers.