Memorial Tribute Program

About the program

We know how difficult it is to lose a loved one, and how important it is to keep his or her memory alive. That’s why POST Partners developed the Memorial Tribute Program that offers donors an opportunity to purchase a Memorial Bench or Memorial Tree in honor of a loved one.  

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  1. Memorial Bench
  2. Memorial Tree

Memorial Bench

The Memorial Bench Program offers donors the opportunity to purchase a bench in honor of a loved one. The benches are placed in areas of need throughout the Town’s parks, and along paved trails. 

The benches are 6 feet wide and have a powder-coat finish in the same color as other permanent fixtures in the area. Memorial plaques inset in the bench include the honoree’s name(s). 

The cost for a Memorial Bench is $1,500, which includes shipping and handling, assembly, pouring of the concrete pad, and engraving of the memorial plaque.

Learn more about the Memorial Bench Program (PDF).


The Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department welcomes donations through the POST Partners Program. These donations help enhance our parks and open space with items the department might not otherwise be able to afford.