Memorial Tribute Program

About the program

The Memorial Tribute Program offers donors an opportunity to purchase a Memorial Bench or Memorial Tree to pay tribute to a loved one.

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  1. Memorial Bench
  2. Memorial Tree

The Memorial Bench Program offers donors the opportunity to purchase a bench in honor of a loved one. Cost for a Memorial Bench is $2,500. The benches are placed in approved areas of need throughout the Town's parks and along paved trails. The benches are 6 feet wide and have a powder-coat finish in the same color as other permanent fixtures in the area. Memorial plaques inset in the bench include the honoree's names. No personal decorations or mementos may be added.

The commemoration will run the life of the bench; after which time you will have the option to replace the bench, or the location will be made available. If anything happens to the plaque during that time, the Town of Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department will restore or replace the plaque if needed.

Benches that are commemorated are the property of the Town of Castle Rock and are maintained to the best extent possible. The Town of Castle Rock Parks and Recreation Department maintains the right to relocate a plaque as needed, but the plaque will remain in the same park and as close as possible to the previous location.

Process at a Glance

  1. Contact the POST Partners Memorial Tribute Program Coordinator via email or at 303-814-7456.
  2. The Program Coordinator will provide the necessary forms for you to fill out and return.
  3. You and the Program Coordinator will work together to find the right location.
  4. You will make your payment via credit card or by check made out to “Town of Castle Rock” and mailed to:
    POST Partners Memorial Program
    1375 W Plum Creek Parkway
    Castle Rock, CO 80109
    Reference POST Partners Memorial Program on payment.
  5. You will submit text for the plaque to the Program Coordinator. Plaque text precludes advertising and is subject to approval.
  6. Your approval of the plaque is required prior to production.
  7. The Program Coordinator will order your plaque and coordinate installation.

Learn more about the Memorial Bench Program (PDF).