Therapeutic Recreation

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The Town of Castle Rock’s Therapeutic Recreation Program is designed to enhance the quality of life for youth, adolescents and adults with disabilities through participation in recreational activities. Our goal is to provide diverse leisure opportunities that focus on promoting skill development and growth related to self-esteem, appropriate socialization, independence and overall wellness.

Program registration

Program offerings focus on opportunities related to athletics and movement, aquatics, camps, community outings, cultural arts, outdoor recreation, and social for individuals of various ability levels and age ranges..

More information about current program offerings and registration

Please note, offerings are updated on a seasonal basis (winter, spring, summer and fall) and will differ from season to season and from year to year. Additional programming may be added monthly! 

View our monthly offerings below:

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Adaptive Swim-Private Lessons

Please reach out to if interested in participating in private swim lessons for individuals with disabilities for January-April 2022. 

  • 1:1 adaptive swim lessons are geared toward learning how to swim and continuing to learn and practice basic swim stroke techniques. 
  • Participants who do not fit the criteria of 1) learning how to swim and / or 2) learning / practicing basic swimming techniques are encouraged to participate in group aquatic programming.

More information about current program offerings and registration 

  1. Forms and policies
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  3. Scholarships

Forms and policies

Prior to participation in a Therapeutic Recreation program, it is necessary to complete an annual Participant Information Form (PDF). This form provides staff with pertinent information to provide the best care, as well as, high-quality programming for all involved. It is also crucial to read and be aware of current program policies and procedures (PDF).


The Town's Therapeutic Recreation program benefits from several annual fundraising events: Climb4Change, Glow Dance Party and Castle Rock Trail Festival / liveBIG Run. Each event’s funds directly supports the program and assist in providing scholarships, purchasing adaptive equipment and improving the quality of program offerings. 

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