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Municipal sign code

The purpose of the Municipal Sign Code is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Town residents by regulating the design, construction, size, location and installation of signs.

The Town recognizes that signs are a necessary means of visual communication for the public and that businesses, services, and other entities, have the right to identify themselves with signs. Signs are considered an accessory and are incidental to the uses on the premises where they are posted.

The Town also recognizes the public's right to be protected against the visual conflict that results from an unrestricted increase of signage. Additionally, the code ensures that signs are compatible with adjacent land uses and consider the total visual environment of the community.

Select from the following tabs for more information about the sign application process and signage requirements. 

  1. Apply for a sign permit

To apply for a sign permit, download the Sign Permit Application (PDF) and submit it to the eTRAKiT Development Portal.

If you are in need of a temporary sign permit, please see the information on the Temporary Signs tab located on this page.

  1. Downtown Overlay District signs

The following link to the Town Municipal Code lists the permanent signs that are permitted only in the Downtown Overlay District. The purpose of these unique options are to encourage a distinctive and creative environment in a designated area. These types of signs are subject to all other codes and regulations.

Read the Signs in Downtown Overlay District located in the Town's Municipal Code.

  1. Electronic message signs

Electronic message signs may display commercial messages for businesses, products, or services offered on the premises.

The illumination or brightness must conform to Chapter 19-04-054 of the Town Municipal Code.

  1. I-25 Sign Plan

Interstate 25 is vital to the Castle Rock community. As development along the corridor continues, it's important that the community have a unified vision for the visual appearance of signs.

A study occurred in 2014 engaging residents and business owners in dialogue to develop aesthetic guidelines for signs along I-25.

The I-25 Sign Plan (PDF) is not law, but rather a tool for developers and property owners to use and understand the sign design elements that are compatible with the community's vision for the corridor.

  1. Political signs

Political signs may only be displayed on private property with property owner approval.

Signs advertising political candidates or ballot initiatives are not allowed to be posted in the public right-of-way. Political signs on power poles, traffic signal poles, in medians or in the tree lawn between the street and sidewalk are prohibited.

For more information, reference the Political and campaign signs section within the Town Municipal Code.

Download the Political Signs pamphlet (PDF).

  1. Prohibited signs

Placement of signs in public right-of-way are prohibited, including temporary garage sales, open houses signs, commercial businesses, pop-up sales, etc. Signs in the public right-of-way may be removed and disposed.

Read the Municipal Code section describing the type of signs prohibited within Town boundaries.

  1. Sign plazas

Sign plaza structures assist the public to locate home builders, subdivisions and developments.

Town Council can approve a special permit for a revocable license agreement to install off-site signs in the public right-of-way.

  1. Temporary signs

The following types of temporary signs are permitted and are subject to all other codes and regulations. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Subdivisions, developments, or construction
  • Political signs
  • Banners

To apply for a temporary sign permit, download the Temporary Sign Application (PDF) and submit it through the eTRAKit Development Portal.

For additional information about sign permits, email the Zoning Division or call 720-733-3557