H2O Access

Information about Billtrust

  1. Castle Rock Water was notified by Billtrust, the third-party vendor used for our H20access portal to provide customer invoicing and online bill payment, that the company experienced a malware attack in mid-October. This attack temporarily impacted the company’s ability to provide services. Billtrust is working with law enforcement and a third-party cybersecurity firm to investigate. The company’s security processes identified the issue and remediation began immediately. As of now, there is no evidence that any customer data was compromised. H20access is fully back online. There should be no additional issues with either Billtrust’s systems or the payment processing services. We will keep you updated if we receive additional information.

H2O Access: 

Connect to your water, your way

The level of service we provide to our customers is extremely important. To increase service and efficiency, Castle Rock Water provides the H2O Access online account service to connect to your water, your way.

Easy-to-read water bill

Water bills are easy to read and helps customers understand and manage their water use. View a sample water bill.

Go paperless and get notified via email with new monthly bills. Online bills are accessible through a H2O Access account.

Secure online convenience

Still secure and available 24 / 7, H2O Access enables customers to view, print and save 12 months of account history. Customers can also schedule payments and link multiple accounts to one online username. 

Setting up a H2O Access account is a simple, one-time process. However, should you need additional help, view these easy steps, or give our customer service representatives a call for assistance at 303-660-1373.

Easy phone access

Easy, automated phone access allows you to get your balance and pay your bill anytime at 1-855-288-9288.

Further assistance


As always, customer service representatives are available by phone at 303-660-1373, by email, and at our offices, located at 175 Kellogg Court.