About Zoning

Zoning Division

The Zoning Division is responsible for: 

  • Responding to zoning code compliance complaints and zoning inquiry requests
  • Reviewing business licenses for zoning compliance
  • Providing the public with information regarding municipal zoning ordinances

The Zoning Division staff reviews development applications to ensure compliance for projects relative to construction, alterations, conversion or use of any structure or land. The staff also renders final decisions, interpretation and/or determinations on the content and application of municipal zoning ordinances. 

Purpose of codes

Codes sometimes are viewed as all the things you can’t do; however, the purpose of codes actually is to promote quality of life and ensure the safety of construction activities. 

Zoning code enforcement helps protect property values by ensuring development meets the Town's zoning and land-use regulations. Our codes prohibit activities that would disrupt or change the nature of neighborhoods. The regulations promote public health by prohibiting the accumulation of debris, and by requiring that construction meets certain guidelines.

Accessory Dwelling Units

The intent of permitting accessory dwelling units is to provide alternative housing options to make more efficient use of existing housing stock and infrastructure, flexible use of space for property owners, and a mix of housing type that responds to changing family dynamics. Because accessory dwelling units do not require additional land, they can be incorporated into established neighborhoods more easily than other forms of housing. 


The Board of Adjustment is responsible for hearing qualified requests for qualified variance from strict enforcement on the zoning ordinance regulations. The Board of Adjustment also hears appeals from decision or determination made by the zoning manager. Apply for a variance.

Animals and pets

Animal complaints

All animal complaints should be directed to the Police Department's 24/7 non-emergency line, 303-663-6100, or report your concern using the online TRAKiT software system.

Common code violations

View information on maintaining your residential property.

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More information

For more information, email the Zoning Division or call 720-733-2212 or 720-733-3557.