Field and Facility Rental

The Parks and Recreation Department has more than 15 outdoor facilities - including fields, tennis courts, inline courts and trails - that are available for rental. In many cases, pricing varies based on days of the week, times, location and frequency of use.

Indoor turf fields

Field bookings can be made for the full-sized (Field Number 1, 185-feet by 85-feet) or half-sized (Field Number 2, 100-feet by 75-feet) indoor turf field at the Miller Activity Complex (MAC). Bookings can be done online in 1-hour time slots. Payment is due at time of booking and cannot be refunded.

Looking to do a long term rental? Please fill out our facility rental form.

Rental rates

  • Full-sized field (Field Number 1): $140
  • Half-sized field (half of Field Number 1 or Field Number 2): $70

Make a Reservation Button

MAC long term indoor field rental process

If you are looking to book regular dates for an extended period of time, please email Adult Athletics with the exact dates and times.

Check Availability

Please see the following details on the reservation system:

  • The initial screen will show all programs and reservations for all of Parks and Rec. Do not try to look through this view.
  • From the drop-down menu at the top select one of the following views depending on the type of field space you are looking for.
  1. Field Number 1, large field 61 by 28 yards - Miller Activity Complex (MAC) > | Indoor Field Number 1
  2. Field Number 1, half either north or south 30 by 28 yards - Miller Activity Complex (MAC) > MAC | Indoor Field 1 > North or South
  3. Field Number 2, smaller field on the north side of the building that includes the batting cages 26 by 23 yards - Miller Activity Complex (MAC) > MAC | Indoor Field 2
  4. Anything that says busy is not available to rent as it is already rented by a group.

Batting Cages

Field Number 2 has cages that can be lowered down providing two bays for batting practice. To reserve the batting cage area, you must rent the half turf, field Number 2.  For rentals needed during the current month, please visit our Quick Group Rentals page. If you want to book a time after the current month, please fill out our Rental Request form.

Rental rates

  • Field including batting cages: $70

Trampoline rentals

Private event trampoline rentals are available. Rentals are for before and after posted hours. For reservations, email Reservations or call 303-814-7451.