Public Notices

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The Town publishes public notices for both public hearings and proposed and adopted ordinances on the Town's website.

Public hearings

Notices for public hearings are related to land development and include hearings before Town boards and commissions, including the Planning Commission. Notice of public hearing is posted at the property location at least 15 days prior to the hearing with a yellow sign. Notices will also be posted on the Town's website at least seven days prior to the public hearing.

Annexation notices, in addition to website posting, will also be published in the newspaper.

We want to hear from you public hearing sign in yellow and black.

Proposed ordinances

Notices of proposed ordinances inform the community and residents of issues to be presented before Town Council. Proposed ordinances scheduled on the upcoming Council agenda are published by noon, the Thursday prior to the Council meeting date.

Notices of Council adopted ordinances are published within five business days of final action.

Public Comment

Public comment on development notices is allowed during the advertised item as scheduled on the meeting agenda for the applicable Town board or commission.

Public comment on ordinances scheduled for Town Council action is taken during the advertised public hearing section of the Council agenda. Public comment is limited to four minutes per speaker before Council. Generally, Council does not respond to public comment, however may defer to a Town staff member to address your concerns during the meeting if possible. Both residents and nonresidents are invited to speak during public comment.

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