Community Surveys

2019 community survey complete

Since 2011, the Town has commissioned a resident and business survey in each odd-numbered year.

For 2019's survey, the Town partnered with Northwest Research Group.

The firm's work included a scientific study, in which randomly selected households were invited to participate, as well as a supplemental survey through which the entire community could provide feedback.

The scientific survey was fielded through mid-March, with the supplemental survey immediately following. View a preliminary report of the results, which will be presented to Town Council April 16. Full results will be posted to this page by the end of April.

2019 survey results

Northwest Research Group also conducted the Town's 2017 community survey. Some key findings of that study were:

  • The survey covered 53 performance measures, and 46 of those received an above-average rating (6 or higher on a 0-10 scale)
  • Ratings related to the direction the Town is headed indicate continued concerns over growth; ensuring well-planned infrastructure for new development should continue as an area of focus
  1. Kristin Zagurski

    Assistant Town Manager
    Phone: 720-733-3552

2017 survey results

View results of the 2017 Community Survey in a 
PowerPoint presentation, or watch a video of the presentation of the results to Town Council. Additionally, view a four-page summary of the results, or the full results report.

Follow-up focus group report

As a follow-up to the 2017 survey, the Town conducted an online focus group to provoke in-depth responses regarding the topics of value of services; growth; community character; parks priorities; recreation development at Rueter-Hess; and education on the Town's water plan. Those conversations occurred in June and July 2017. Read the report provided to Town Council regarding that process.

Past surveys

In 2015, the survey indicated Castle Rock is a place where the grass is greener. More than 700 residents responded to the survey. View the full report on that survey.

As a follow-up to the 2015 survey, the Town launched an online focus group to provoke in-depth responses regarding the topics of growth; transportation; parks, recreation and special events; and communications. Those conversations occurred from October 2015 to February 2016. Read the report provided to Town Council regarding that process.

Results from the 2013 and 2011 surveys are available, as well.