Liquor Licensing

View Liquor License Hearing agendas for New licenses (click on drop down menu and choose Liquor Licensing Authority and the correct year)
Note: Notices for hearings for NEW liquor licenses are required to be published in the newspaper as well as posted at the location of the license. However, in the interest of transparency, these hearings along with hearings for special event liquor permits (if needed) will also be posted on the Public Hearing calendar.

See the tabs below for specific applications, information and fees. 

Liquor law

It is a licensee's responsibility to be in compliance — refer to the State Liquor Regulations for any updates to liquor laws, rules and regulations. Violations or failure to report changes can result in fines, suspension or revocation.

Compliance checks

Compliance checks and inspections are performed by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Responsible Vendor / TIPS Training

Responsible Vendor / TIPS Training for servers is available via live streaming or classroom (list of trainers). The training is not mandatory, but it is strongly suggested to obtain it to ensure your servers are in compliance and to protect your business against violations.

Visit the State Department of Revenue Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division for Laws, Rules, and Regulations and the Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor & Tobacco Publications

  1. Renew
  2. New license
  3. Changes
  4. Special events and festivals
  5. Tastings
  6. Transfer
  7. Modifications, takeout and  delivery

License renewals

60 days prior to expiration - submit to Town Clerk: 

Note: Your renewal will not be approved until:

  1. Your business license is current
  2. Your sales taxes are current
  3. Town departments sign off which may include an inspection of your premise

1. Email Town Clerk form from the Colorado Department of Revenue Liquor Forms by Number

  • DR 8400 - Retail Liquor Renewal or Fermented Malt Beverage and Wine Retailer Renewal 
  • (Only if you are a sole proprietor) DR 4679 — Affidavit — Restrictions on Public Benefits

2. Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for your Business: Secretary of State Business Database Search

3. Pay Fees 
 4. Record any changes since last renewal:
  • Manager or Ownership Changes — click on the "Changes" tab
  • Liquor Licensed Drug Stores Manager Permits and Renewals — click on the "Changes" tab
  • Modifications of Premise — click on "Modification" tab

Renewal fees (includes renewal and license fees) effective July 1, 2023

LicenseTown of Castle Rock

Colorado Department of Revenue
Payment links:Town payment
State payment
Art License$141.25$433.75
Beer and Wine License$148.75$476.25 
Brew-Pub License$175$875
Club License$141.25$433.75
Hotel and Restaurant License

Plus Each Optional Premise

Liquor Licensed Drugstore$122.50$292.50
Lodging and Entertainment License$175$625
Fermented Malt Beverage and Wine Retailer License (effective March 1, 2023)$103.75$221.25 
Retail Liquor Store License$122.50$352.50
Tavern License$175$625
Vintner's Restaurant License$175$875
Late Renewal before 90 days past due$500$500
Reissue Fee (90 to 180 days past due) *may have to re-apply for a new license$500$500
Application Reissue Fine$25 per day beyond 90 days$25 per day beyond 90 days