Town Council Meetings


  • 6 p.m.
  • First and third Tuesdays
  • As of June 16, 2020, Town Council meetings are being held in both an in-person and remote format, in accordance with the Town Council Electronic Participation, Connected, and Hybrid Meeting Policy. Participants can join online or phone-in. Please see the meeting calendar or Current Agenda for more information on watching or participating during an upcoming Town Council Meeting.

Public comment is welcome

We believe in open government and encourage members of the public to attend Council meetings to provide input on agenda items or other matters affecting the Town. 

Speaking before Council

If you would like to address Council on matters relevant to Town business, we ask that you:

  • Please sign up to speak by 1 p.m. prior to the meeting (not required)
  • Direct your comments to the Mayor and Council
  • State your name for the record, and whether you are a resident or business owner.
  • Please be respectful – disruptive behavior may result in you being asked to leave the meeting.
  • Council generally reserves the right to not respond directly to your questions when you propose them. Council and staff members may try to answer questions at the end of all public comment, or a staff member may follow up with you at another time.

There are two opportunities for the public to speak during Council meetings.  The following guidelines allow Council to address and effectively manage and complete the business on the agenda:

Unscheduled public appearances:

  • This time is reserved for public comment on items or issues that are not scheduled on the agenda
  • Each speaker is allowed three minutes to address Council
  • Time will be limited to 30 minutes
  • If time permits, after all residents have been heard, nonresidents will be allowed to speak until the 30-minute time limit has been reached
  • Additional time will be allocated at the end of the scheduled agenda for those members of the public originally signed up at the beginning of the meeting who were not able to be heard during the earlier 30-minute unscheduled public appearance time. Residents will be given priority to speak in the order they signed up, followed by nonresidents
  • Council generally will not discuss or make any decisions on what is presented at this time

Advertised public hearings and discussion action items: 

  • This time is reserved for public comment on most items scheduled on the agenda
  • Each speaker is allowed four minutes to address Council
  • Comments must be related to the agenda item content

Special presentations

If you would like to make a special presentation at a Council meeting, you can contact the Mayor, a Councilmember or the Town Manager. We can work with you directly to schedule an appropriate Council meeting for your item.

  • A PowerPoint presentation during public comment must be submitted for approval 24 hours in advance  
  • Materials or handouts should be given to the Town Clerk prior to the start of the meeting
  • The Town reserves the right not to approve a presentation


If you would like to request Town Council recognize an event, person or activity with a Proclamation, please call the Town Manager's Office at 303-660-1374.