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Interactive Town maps

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Development maps

            Development Activity Map (In Your Backyard)
            Development Constraints Map
           Snow Load Map
            Zoning Map

Parks and Recreation maps

            Parks and Recreation Interactive maps
- Parks, open space and trails - Fitness routes - Trail conditions

Transportation maps

Pavement Maintenance Map  
            Pavement Maintenance Tracker
             Road Closures Map
             Snow Plow Area Map
             Traffic Count Map

Other interactive maps

            2021 Election Districts Map     2018 Election Districts Map
            Cell Sites Map
            Community Resources Map
           Metro Districts Map
           Neighborhoods Map
            Public Art Map

PDF maps (best for printing)

            Maps in PDF format - For a large scale paper map, visit the Development
            Services counter on the first floor of Town Hall, 100 N. Wilcox St.

Town data catalog

            Find data in multiple formats including PDF, SHP, DWG, KML and REST.


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