Support Services

Commander Todd Brown oversees the Support Services Division, which provides a wide range of services, including operating and managing the 911 emergency communications center, police records, and the strategic response center. The men and women of this division provide a valuable service to our community. Without the services of the dispatchers and records specialists, our officers would not be able to serve the community as well as they do.

  1. Communications Unit
  2. Records Unit
  3. Strategic Response Center

Dispatchers in Communication CenterThe Communications Unit is staffed by a civilian communications manager and 15 full-time dispatchers. The unit receives all incoming 911 emergency calls for service as well as administrative calls. The dispatchers determine and coordinate the appropriate police response level for each individual call.

The communications manager is responsible for supervising communications and dispatchers. Primary duties include scheduling, training, and ensuring efficient operations of the communications center. Dispatchers perform specialized strategic dispatching for the Police Department during both emergency and non-emergency situations. Dispatch monitors and coordinates telephone, radio, and teletype communications between unit personnel, outside agencies, and the public.