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The POST Partners Volunteer Program helps organize and oversee three trail maintenance groups in Town: The Ridgeline Wranglers, Rhyolite Dirt Crew and Keepers of the Rock. Together, they dedicate hundreds of hours each year to maintaining our numerous soft surface trails within the Town of Castle Rock. 

Interested in volunteering or being a Crew-Leader? Contact us for more information by emailing Marcy Jones. Find volunteer opportunities at Volunteer Castle Rock (

Join us at our annual kick-off meeting to discuss our yearly goals and learn more about the program. 

2024 Season

  1. Trail Maintenance Kick-off Meeting

    Wednesday, March 27, 2024 
    6:30 to 7:30 p.m. 
    MAC Aspen/Cascade Room, 1375 W. Plum Creek Parkway

  1. Ridgeline Wranglers
  2. Rhyolite Dirt Crew
  3. Keepers of the Rock

Ridgeline Wranglers LogoRidgeline Wranglers is a group of volunteers who help maintain and improve Ridgeline Open Space and Philip S Miller Park Open Space. The group has approximately 50 active members, with six trained crew leaders. The crew leaders have completed background checks, so they are cleared through the Town to work with youth. Town staff members lead maintenance outings.

Work on the trail includes:

  • Maintaining the trail surface and structures
  • Maintaining drainage structures
  • Keeping the trail corridor clear of vegetation
  • Removing noxious weeds
  • Constructing trail improvements as needed

The group meets one Saturday a month at the Ridgeline Open Space trailhead off of Coachline Road, with additional maintenance outings scheduled as needed. Occasional events are held at Philip S Miller Park trails.

Additional information can be found on the Wranglers' Facebook group.

Volunteers receive a POST Partners T-shirt, water bottle or hat, as well as an end-of-season party with raffle prizes and food. Participants interested in becoming crew leaders will receive free training. Email us with any questions.