Scout Award Projects

The POST Partners Program offers opportunities for scouts wishing to complete a project towards an award or rank advancement. Interested individuals must complete a scout application (PDF). Scouts must be at least 15 years old at time of application, and a minimum of 120 days away from turning 18, in order to be considered for a project.

Each Scout must follow these required steps prior to starting work on a Town property: 

Upon project completion, rosters and waivers are required to be submitted along with a final project write-up. Project write-ups must include a final material list and costs.

Project Ideas

  1. These suggested projects are dependent on availability and approval from the Town's POST Partners Program Coordinator and the Parks and Recreation Department. Contact the program coordinator for approval before starting your project write-up.

    • Construction and installation of two or more split-log benches
    • Construction and installation of raptor perches
    • Construction of staircase at Rhyolite Bike Park
    • Colorado Bluebird Project - build and install predator guards and other project updates
    • Miscellaneous improvement projects at the Castle Rock Community Garden at Glover Park

    Have your own idea? Contact us for project approval. 

Supporting the scouts

The POST Partners Program has a long history of providing support to the Boy Scouts of America in their pursuit of the rank of Life or Eagle Scouts. Check out what value Scouts have added to the community.

DavidMekelburg_2019David Mekelburg - Troop 780

Boy Scout David Mekelburg with Troop 780 constructed and installed two American Kestrel nest boxes at Memmen Ridge Open Space and Castle Rock Recreation Center. These boxes will help our American Kestrel population thrive.

ES_Sullivan_post_project_Steps_for_Fire (3)

Sean Sullivan - Troop 261

Boy Scout Sean Sullivan with Troop 261 prepared and installed eight landscaping steps at the Public Safety Training Building. Installation of these steps ensures safe access from building to sidewalk.

Paintbrush bat box example

Skyler Call - Troop 261

Boy Scout Skyler Call with Troop 261 constructed and installed two bat boxes at Paintbrush Park. This project will help the bat population in Castle Rock.

Stephen Zukowski installed new signage at Ridgeline

Stephen Zukowski - Troop 780

Boy Scout Stephen Zukowski with Troop 780 implemented and installed color coded loops with plaques and flexible marker posts at Ridgeline Open Space. Project included removing 48 old plaques, installing 50 new plaques on existing 14 posts and installing color coded stickers on 32 flexible marker posts along the 9.5 mile Stewart Trail. In addition, the Parks Department will be installing six new way finder maps and four new kiosk maps in 2020-2021.

To date, Boy Scouts representing the following troops from all over the South Metro area have partnered with the Town for their Eagle Scout Projects:

  • Troop 62
  • Troop 260
  • Troop 261
  • Troop 316
  • Troop 332
  • Troop 365
  • Troop 451
  • Troop 465
  • Troop 633
  • Troop 637
  • Troop 760
  • Troop 764
  • Troop 765
  • Troop 768
  • Troop 780

Contributing to the community

Since 2006, the Town has worked with more than 80 Boy Scouts whose projects have made the following contributions to Castle Rock:

    American Kestrel nest boxes
    Mural design and painting
    Bat house construction and installation
    Open space signage construction and improvements
    Colorado Bluebird Project nest-box construction and monitoring
    Picnic benches
    Creek trash clean-up after flooding event
    Rock cairn construction
    Fitness route creation and mapping
    Split log benches
    Golf course tee boxes
    Tile painting and installation
    Landscaping improvements
    Trail creation and restoration
    Landscape steps
    Water crossings and bridge construction