Adopt a Park, Open Space or Trail

The Adopt a Park, Open Space or Trail Program is part of the POST Partners Program offering opportunities for businesses and organizations who wish to give back to the Town with a monthly commitment to a specific park, open space or trail. Different levels of participation include: 

  • Two-year adoption
  • One-year adoption (school classes, after-school programs, etc.)
  • Community projects – one-day or multi-day projects, for students looking to receive credit for community service hours needed for graduation or court-ordered.
  • Donations – either monetary or tangible

Who can participate?

POST Partners is available to individuals or organized groups in Douglas County. Some examples include, but are not limited to, Scout groups (both boys and girls), students from Douglas County school programs (either individually or as a whole class or club), cycling clubs, hiking clubs, running clubs, civic organizations, youth groups, church groups, sports groups and businesses. 

It's important to note, an adult must supervise groups with members under age 18 wishing to participate in a POST Partners project.

How to adopt a park, open space or trail

  1. Fill out on POST Partners Group Application requesting a location to adopt and sign the Statement of Commitment, which describes the responsibilities of the adopter and the Parks and Recreation Department.
  2. Once your requested location is approved, submit your outing dates to the POST Volunteer Coordinator so that they can drop off supplies and thank you gifts (POST Partners Program water bottles, T-shirts or hats).
  3. Organize your monthly outings and let the POST Volunteer Coordinator know your intended event dates.
  4. Review the Safety Guidelines (PDF) with your participants or the Volunteer Coordinator will do so when meeting your group for their outing. 
  5. Have all volunteers fill out a Volunteer Waiver and Indemnification Form (PDF). Submit all waivers to the Volunteer Coordinator by end of each month. (Volunteer's waivers only need to be submitted once per calendar year, and all family members can go on the same waiver.) 
  6. After each event, you will need to complete a Project Inspection Checklist and Roster. This form will show your total volunteer hours, volunteer names, amount of trash collected, and any areas of concern that may need maintenance attention.

Site adoption program policies

View our regulations, policies and procedures (PDF) before committing to a project or setting out for your first outing.

Available adoptable park locations

  • Baldwin Park
  • Bison Park
  • Castle Highlands Park
  • Castle North Park
  • Cobblestone Ranch Park
  • Festival Park
  • Founders Park
  • Glover Park
  • Matney Disc Golf Course
  • Matney Park
  • Mitchell Gulch Park
  • Paintbrush Park
  • Philip S. Miller Park
  • Wrangler Park

Available open space and trail locations

  • Chucks Loop Trail at Gateway Mesa Open Space
  • East Plum Creek Trail or Trail Segment
  • Legacy Trail at Gateway Mesa Open Space
  • Mitchell Creek Canyon Trail
  • Philip S. Miller Park Challenge Hill
  • Philip S. Miller Park Trails
  • Quarry Mesa Open Space and Madge Trail
  • Rock Park