Custom Projects and Partnerships

Volunteer projects are fun, easy and make a difference

A volunteer project is a great way for members of your organization to have fun together outside, while giving back to the community. It's also a great way for high school students to get their community service graduation hours.  

Partner with us

  • It’s rewarding – We provide satisfying team-building projects that positively impact the community and the environment.
  • It’s fun – Projects can be educational and offer opportunities for participant bonding and morale enhancement. Get outside and enjoy the scenic views of one of our Town properties in a whole new way.
  • It’s easy – All tools, materials, supervision and guidance are provided. Or, if you want to get out on your own, you can check-out some trash grabbers or vests and do your own thing!
Great opportunities for:

  • School partnerships – guided hikes  trash clean-ups, wildlife presentations, the Colorado Bluebird Project, trail work and more
  • Cub Scout / Girl Scout – merit badge community service and educational presentations (examples include our Earth Day willow harvest and planting event, trash clean-ups, flower planting, and more)
  • Church youth groups – these can be trail work outings, open space reclamation, or  trash clean-ups, depending on the Town’s needs at the time
How to get started

  • Fill out a group applicationEmail or call the POST volunteer coordinator at 303-814-7456.
  • Find a date and time that works for everyone’s schedule and confirm that date with the POST volunteer coordinator.
  • Custom group projects usually consist of eight to 40 people.
  • Projects are usually scheduled within a 3-4 hour time frame, either before or after lunch.
  • Waivers will need to be completed by all participants and a roster filled out by the group leader on the day of the project outing.
Possible volunteer projects

  • Trail maintenance – Join one of our 3 Trail Maintenance Groups. These groups have scheduled work outing days. In addition to these groups you can conduct a trail maintenance activity on a Town properties in need. Contact the POST Volunteer Coordinator for more information.
  • Trash Pick Up – Join us for weekly trash pick up outings.  Contact the Contact the POST Volunteer Coordinator for more information.
  • Noxious weed collection – Knapweed can be eradicated from many of our trails when the plants are cut and bagged. Plus, this gives trail users a better experience when these weeds are removed from the trail edge where they can cut and scratch people’s legs.
  • Park or Streetscape Landscaping – Mulch replacement or hardscape improvements as needed.
  • Fencing painting or removal

Saying “thanks” to our participants

  • POST Partner T-shirts (new), water bottles or hats
  • Listing on our website and in our monthly and annual report
  • Articles in our annual newsletter and / or program highlight report
  • Plaque, award, or certificate for your company, organization or participants


Thanks to these organizations who participated in a one-time group project in 2018:

  • American Heritage Girls Group - helped preserve our trees by painting select trees at Sellar's Gulch to prevent the beavers from chewing them and Trash Pick Up along Native Legend Trail.  (60 hours)
  • Boy Scout Troop 261 - Disassembled an old fort and trash clean up at Memmen Ridge, trash clean up at Paintbrush Park.  (146 Hours)
  • Calvary Chapel - 50 members of Nueva Vida Calvary Church in Castle Rock came together at Festival Park for Watercress Removal Project and trash pick up along the East Plum Creek Trail.  (183 Hours)
  • CR Moms Social Group - Trash clean up along East Plum Creek Trail and Memmen Ridge Open Space. (125 Hours)
  • Cub Scout Pack 260 - Trash clean-up, noxious weed removal and corridor clearing on the trail behind Castle Rock Elementary School. (16 hours)
  • Cub Scout Pack 764 - Bison Park trash pick up. (18 Hours)
  • Cub Scout Pack 780 - Butterfield Park trash pick up. (36 Hours)
  • CVHS/DCHS Paws for a Cause - Arbor Day tree planting at Rhyolite Park. (147 Hours)
  • DCHS Football Team - 18 Freshman Football Team members showed up to help with Perry Street Maintenance prior to the parade and 28 members of the 3 Football squads took turns picking up trash along Hangman's Gulch.  (110 Hours)
  • Elizabeth High School -  On their Big Help Day 73 volunteer came to Castle Rock and removed and replaced mulch along Perry Street. (292 Hours)
  • Girl Scout Troop  – Trail maintenance and trash clean up at Philip S Miller Park. (11 Hours)
  • LDS Youth Group - 39 members of the Parker Youth Group removed and replaced mulch along Perry Street.  (78 Hours)
  • Mesa Middle School Atlas Bear Team - Five classrooms’ of 30 students each helped conduct trail improvements to the Mesa Middle School connection trail, monitor bluebird nest-boxes, collect trash around the school and nearby open space, and clear vegetation along the Mitchell Creek Canyon Trail (300 Hours)
  • Renaissance Middle School – Philip S Miller Park and trail maintenance. (38 Hours)
  • Ridgeline Community ChurchTrash clean-up, noxious weed removal and corridor clearing on the trail behind Castle Rock Elementary School and Philip S Miller Challenge Hill step improvements. (86 Hours)
  • World Compass Academy - 10 students and 1 teacher volunteered to remove silt fencing at Philip S Miller Park.  (40 Hours)