No Knock List

STOP This house is registered with Town of Castle Rock No Knock No Solicitors Municipal Code 5.04The No Knock List was created to allow homeowners to opt out of door-to-door solicitation and sales. Display near your front door.

New Registration

  1. Confirm if address is on the No knock List (PDF) or No Knock list (XLSX)
  2. Not on the list? Register your home address.

Replacement Sticker

Already on the list? Request a replacement sticker

Municipal Code Number 5.04 prohibits solicitors from knocking on your door if:

  • Your address is registered for the No Knock List
  • You display a Town of Castle Rock No Knock Sticker
  • You have posted a "No Soliciting" sign

Please note that this Ordinance does not prohibit the practice of hanging door hangers or fliers. It only prohibits solicitors from attempting to make contact with residents by knocking on your door. View a complete listing of registered solicitors (PDF).

Any issues with a solicitor not following the guidelines of this Ordinance may be reported to Castle Rock Police at 303-663-6100. Please contact the police while the solicitor is still in your neighborhood if possible.

Information for Police dispatcher

Please have the following information collected to pass along to the Police dispatcher if possible:

  • Individual or business name from solicitor badge
  • Badge number
  • Type of vehicle driven
  • License plate number

Solicitor definition

A solicitor is any person attempting to make contact with the purpose of selling goods or services at the point of contact, whether or not the goods or services are actually delivered at the time of sale. Solicitors are required to:

  • Register with the Town
  • Have a valid business or contractors license
  • Pass a background check
  • Display a Town-issued ID badge
  • Comply with the No Knock regulations

Canvasser definition

Canvassers are making contact for noncommercial purposes. They are not required to register with the Town and are not held accountable to the requirements of the No Knock Ordinance. Nonprofit organizations such as the Girl or Boy Scouts and school fundraising drives are examples of canvassers. Canvasser activities advocate civic, religious, charitable or political causes and are exempt from this ordinance.