Public Art

JoyPublic art means many things to people. It is a form of expression. It documents history. It can be a celebration or a legacy. It can ignite creativity, share culture and inspire conversation.

Public art in Castle Rock is primarily funded through the Philip S. Miller Trust Fund. Philip S. Miller, a local banker and philanthropist, and his wife, Jerry, bequeathed a portion of the proceeds of their substantial estate to the Town. Proceeds from the annual earnings are kept in the fund. Town Council determines expenditures from this fund annually for public art, generally at $25,000 per year, and for other community-driven programs.

Public art maintenance and conservation is paid for through a small portion of the Parks and Recreation Lodging Tax Fund. 

The Public Art Commission recommends expenditures in keeping with a Town goal to advance Philip S. Miller's legacy. Their mission is to create community vibrancy with art reflecting the Town's charm, heritage and beauty. 

Public Art in Castle Rock

Public Art Plan

In 2023, the commission created a new Public Art Strategic Plan, which Town Council adopted. Learn more at