Property Tax Address Search

The Town is a full-service municipality, providing general government, fire, police, parks, recreation, open space, planning and code enforcement services through taxation. The owner of a median-valued home in Town ($663,360) only pays the Town $40.35 a year in property tax in exchange for all of those services. (The lion's share of a resident's property tax payment goes to the Douglas County School District — the Town receives only about 1.5% of its tax revenue via property taxes.)

Enter your address on the Douglas County Assessor's website to find details of how your property taxes are allocated.

Need a bit more direction to this information? Follow these steps:

  1. Type in your address, and hit enter to bring up the search results
  2. Locate the property you own and click on that line
  3. Once the information for your property loads, click "Tax Authorities" a few rows from the bottom of the page