Vision and Master Plan

Council approves 2030 Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan

Town Council unanimously approved the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan during its meeting Nov. 14, 2017. 

The Comprehensive Master Plan document defines the Town’s broad and long-term direction. The Town uses the plan to guide its growth, development and planning efforts. 

2030 Comprehensive Master Plan (PDF)

Character Defines a Community - See our plan for the future

Our Town has a stunning natural environment. Castle Rock's ridges, valleys, natural vegetation, open spaces and spectacular views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains amplify the visual experience into a perfect community backdrop.

Incorporated in 1881, Castle Rock is a vibrant and spirited community with a rich history and heritage. Our community theme is "a world-class community with small-Town character." Today, planners work to ensure this theme remains central to a growing community.

In that effort, this Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan will chart the course for the built environment to enhance Castle Rock's natural environment and achieve our community theme.

First, the Vision outlines the building blocks of our community through use of Four Cornerstones: Distinct Town Identity, Responsible Growth, Community Services and Thriving Economy. These Cornerstones provide guidance to the community and its decision-makers.

The Comprehensive Master Plan then gets more specific. The plan establishes goals to enrich the fabric of our community and help us achieve our Vision:

  • Achieve a quality-built environment
  • Plan for and act to manage the impacts of growth
  • Protect and enhance the natural environment
  • Focus on quality development and seek out and encourage great projects
  • Achieve a high level of effective public outreach, notification, and community involvement
  • Ensure quality community services to support public health, safety and welfare
  • Maintain a high quality of life for the residents and businesses
  • Achieve and maintain water conservation and long-term water resource programs
  • Achieve capable surface transportation systems, and plan for multi-modal opportunities
  • Create a regulatory environment based upon goals, values and fairness; all to assist with economic development

These goals and specific action items guide us everyday as we make decisions on land use applications, annexation proposals and draft development plans. We believe the policies, programs, goals and themes defined in the Vision and Comprehensive Master Plan ensure success for future generations.

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Four Cornerstones are the foundation of the plan

Together, the community in 1999 came up with Four Cornerstones on which to focus future development. Community input described below confirmed these Four Cornerstones are still important to the community today.


Background and outreach

The 2020 Comprehensive Master Plan was completed in 2002. Of course, a lot has changed. Now, the Town has completed an updated plan, which looks to 2030.

Thoughts and feedback from residents and business owners have been key drivers in this update, which has been underway since 2014. Feedback used for the new plan has included:

  • 2013 and 2015 Community Surveys
  • Vision document updates from 2014
  • Open houses throughout 2015 related to this project in particular
  • Open houses related to growth in 2016

The Town hosted an open house June 7, 2017 - view the information presented information (PDF)

A breakfast presentation was hosted at Town Hall on Aug. 15, 2017 - view the presentation (PDF)

Related maps


In 2013 we reviewed the Town's Vision to ensure we were still on track. The Vision document was incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan as approved by Council.

Vision 2030 Summary Report (PDF)

Other Town master plans

The Town also has more detailed master plans for parks and recreation, transportation, water resources, police and fire.