Train Horn Quiet Zone

In April 2022, Town Council approved construction and maintenance agreements with Union Pacific Railroad. The installation of a four-quadrant gate system at the Second and Third street crossings, and curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements at these plus the Fifth Street crossing will allow for the implementation of a railroad quiet zone that covers all three crossings in Downtown Castle Rock.

Estimated cost

The estimated cost for the improvements is $1.8 million. The Encore development has contributed $900,000 toward the project as part of its development agreement with the Town. The Town will need to cover the remaining costs, which are currently estimated at $900,000. The Downtown Development Authority and Town Council approved the additional cost coming from sales tax from the Downtown Tax Increment Fee that would go into the DDA Special Fund. The fund can pay the cost in 2022 without alterations to previous commitments, and because the fund is composed of the incremental sales and property tax revenues from Downtown businesses and property owners, this is viewed as appropriate use. The Downtown railroad quiet zone has been a priority for the Downtown Alliance for several years.

Train horn quiet zone benefits

The primary benefits of the project are enhanced safety for vehicles and pedestrians and improved quality of life for Downtown businesses, residents and visitors. Construction will begin once agreements are finalized.

Train horn quiet zone implementation

Construction improvements on the three railroad crossings began in January 2023 and are anticipated to continue through early 2024.

Project area

Quiet zone project area. Construction at the railroad tracks on Second, Third and Fifth streets.